The Psychology of Sales in Uncertain Times

Sales is a complex career choice because of two reasons. Firstly, it is a common career path (nearly 4.3% of the US population is in sales) and second, it is highly emotionally demanding. Now, with the introduction of sudden economic uncertainty as well as a rapidly developing and shifting landscape, reps are feeling even more pressure. Salespeople are now at the front lines as they attempt to reshape selling strategies and meet demands to bring in revenue and achieve goals. Undoubtedly, it is a stressful time. 

This is the moment to take a look at the very core of a salesperson. At their most basic element, a salesperson is a helper. Those who find themselves in sales are ultimately ones who want to help. Every day, sellers help people make the right decisions so they do their jobs better and help companies be more successful. 

In this webinar, sales expert and mental health advocate Richard Harris and ringDNA Founder and CEO Howard Brown (a clinical psychologist and licensed therapist) will discuss how sales reps can find and stay in the giving mindset that will make them successful, as well as how to properly manage the multitude of emotions and stressors they likely have, and will encounter in the coming weeks to months. 

Tactics and tips include:

  • Why reps who are consistent with core principles are more successful through a downturn
  • How to sell when the future is unknown
  • How to fuel your motivation in challenging times
  • The shift to empathetic selling for success, how to manage worry and looking beyond the crisis

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