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Sales Madness: Bracket Challenge for the Best Sales Book of All Time

Vote for the greatest sales book of all time, win prizes.

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Let the games begin! We’re pitting the world’s foremost sales experts and authors together to decide who created the greatest sales book of all time. This is the time to fight for the book the changed your career, the one the gives you inspiration or just the one that you think is the best.

This March Madness, create your bracket, vote for your favorite sales books, and win. The prizes include:

    • First prize: Airpod Pros
    • Second prize: A year subscription to Audible
    • Third prize: An Instant Sales Library with the Final Four books!
    • Bonus Raffle: A $100 Amazon gift certificate (all voters are eligible to win, even if you don’t make a bracket).
    • Bonus Raffle: ringDNA swag, including hoodies, YETIs and other awesome accessories.
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Voting Schedule

  • Round 3, Sweet 16 - Closes Midnight 4/2
  • Round 4, Elite 8 - Closes Midnight 4/4
  • Round 5, Final 4 - Closes Midnight 4/7
  • Round 6, Championship - Closes Midnight 4/9
  • Winner announced Friday 4/10